Nov. 16th, 2009 03:01 pm
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Today, I win at life!

But only in bizarro land.

In bizarro land, centerpunching a PT Cruiser is a good thing! And I have to beleive I'm in Bizarro land, because only in bizarro land can I center punch another car, and still not be at fault.

(Note: everyone's alive, no one's hurt but my poor car!*)

Oh yes! You see, boys and girls, when the blue focus has the RIGHT OF WAY AND NO STOP SIGNS you do NOT pull a slow californian roll in front of it.**

Unless your in bizarro land.

Anyway. I'm insured. Life will go on. Fuck, I don't know how i"m gonna manage thanksgiving but I'll either just be here for it till I get my car *** sorted out.

All other attempts by others to win at life in bizarro land are disqualified for at LEAST a day.

You tell yourself, "I am so happy, but I am not as happy as Momo, she am so happy to have won at life today, I am in second place".

Now I'm going to go eat my soup. Did I mention the part where I'd literally only gone out to pick up two cans of coconut milk?

They hardly seem worth it.

*her car can still drive.

** A californian roll is when you cruise up to a stop sign, decide it's clear, and go without actually stopping. The KEY WORD THERE is CLEAR. If you roll in FRONT OF ME you are DOING IT WRONG.


ONE MORE THING: UNIVERSE! When I said I felt like I should post more I DIDN'T want it to be shit like this!
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