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And as a result, the air is cleaner today.

There's snow on the mountain's in three directions, clouds cling to the sharp tips like freshly carded wool. The Sky's clear and bright, directly above though, spent and scrubbed by the irregular downpour.

Rain's rare here, the landscaping isn't designed for it, yesterday was marked by deep puddles, small damp and above all confused birds huddling in what dry they could find.

The building are not designed for it either, covered entryways are designed to limit the sun that get's in, not liquid. Liquid dosne't leak from the sky here, those cloud raking mountain's hold it in, keep the dense heavy rainbearing clouds corraled where the bleat uselessly and bleed to death on San Deigo. People going into stores have a shawl of raindrops as they wonder where, exactly, they put the umbrella's.

(Confession: I myself was greeted at the door by my father asking if I'd used the one that was in the passenger side of the truck.)

Driving, you can see Big Bear, it's white dipped, the skier's will be happy. there's already been snow on those peacks, but this fall with result in days off, in S.U.V.'s with boards and stick on top, jackets on the inside as people rearrange their weekend plans gleefully.

The puddles still linger here, it's the drainage again, it's the reason we have washes, the reason that every year until they built the bridge the road would get demolished and rebuilt, a layer of concrete and tar on huge pipes that were never long for this earth. Now the road is safer on towering stilletto's of concrete, safe and secure.


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