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One is my uncle, One is my dad.

Umm, looking at the links, I forget who is who....

Dad's got white hair. Uncle butch is the one has his gun jam up (he is also the one who starts with the lever action rifle)

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Mostly I haven't written a proper ramble here for a while.
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I have obtained a state of pocket watch.

I have a weakness for the damn things, you see. I know they do only one thing. I know that in all likely hood if asked for the time, I'll pull out my phone.

I know there will be days I forget to wind it.

But I like the feel of it. It sits just in my palm, probably made out of some probably toxic lead based alloy doing a good impersonation of pewter laced silver. It's cot a complicated front too it, bits of that synthetic cat's eye in blue and green making a compass rose on the front.

Pop it open and you can see the tiny working moving in exact, dizzy blurs like the beating wings of a humming bird. It's a comforting sort of sound. The second hand races, each tick jerking it forward a fraction of a second through time and space. Electric clocks would do it smoother, tiny engine steady as it goes.

It only does one thing, and sometimes that's all you need.
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But generally revenge is more satisfying.

I have a brother. For the sake of this short story, we shall call him.. Brother.

He had a cell phone.

He has one again, but the one he had was stolen from him. At school. Middle school.

They realized it was missing at once, and called it, and sent a text message or two to it to inform the 'finder' (aka, the asshole) that, hey, that wasn't his phone.

Mom had to call AT&T to get it shut off. The jerk ran up 20$ worth of text messages to this number.


and send and received two more texts (my brother has no room in his plan for texts, they cost like a quarter) to this number


I'm not entirely certain what to do with these numbers. I assume they knew they were getting texts from a stolen phone, but I could be wrong. I'd like to know who took my brothers phone, and at least get their little punk asses grounded. It's tempting to call those numbers at, say, two am every day for a week but that's probably illegal.

any thoughts?


Sep. 14th, 2009 01:23 pm
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Spent weekend in San Deigo.

Not with family, for a change but with Rachel (who is a friend I"ve made through a network that's about as easy to explain as my seven degree's of seperation with Kevin Bacon.)

I DID go and see Grandma, and my Uncle, but most of my time was spent watching sason one of project runway with Rachel, hanging out, and going to O.B.

It was a very nice weekend.  
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 Ever just KNOW that a theoretically pleasent event has vered down the path of high tension meltdown?

Ever realize it at the same point that you realaize there is no way in hell to get out of it, cause it ain't your car and you don't have any keys?

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  Finished reading 'The Bourne Identity' which is nothing at all like the movie and very, very good. Nezu, I'm rec'ing it to you, alright? You'll like it I'm sure.
I do recommend that anyone interested in this book NOT read it while in the backseat of a car on twisty damn roads though. I have a head ache and got to feel a bit ill for a while. BUT I started it at 11ish am, and I finished in maybe fifteen mintues ago, (it's nearly 6pm now) and this proves that I must not have felt bad enough to stop reading.

I do feel bad enough that I won't write out a long, complex reveiw. It was good, he's very ninja, it's an excellent read, and I'm sure that some (and by some I mean YOU, Nezu) will be inspired.
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Drinking THIS.

Have done THIS to face.

Want to be HERE.

Will settle for next year. Who wants to go with me?

Mom's birthday is t'morrow.

Listening to THIS. For the third time.

Writing more for THIS, but on my ipod.

Missing HER.

Wanting THIS. But will take what I can.

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Which is tragic, since I think I"ve outpaced her attention span with this damn thing. 

Anyway, the massive DCXNaruto crackfic is offically HERE.

And it's sister work, the massive MARVELXNaruto crackfic is offically HERE. It may need a better name. it certainlly needs a better synopisis, but when I went to write it my brain started to spit out HuckFinn at me-

"You won't have hard of me less you read a book called 'Tom Sawyer' by," 

And now that I think of that, I may use it except I don't know how many people would get that joke and when your mixing manga and comics anyway there's a lot of great jokes that people probably won't get. 

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I have made it without dying yet again. Go me.

That is all.

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It occurs to me to offer it to you guys first.

Trigun, vhs, 1-8 dubbed (I have no vhs player and will probably rebuy them later.

Gundam, dvd's 1-3, 5-8, and ten. (I have NO IDEA WHERE the disc for four is, or nine. Maybe a different box. AND the endless waltz movie

Mars, manga, 1-15

Man with many faces, clamp, manga, one and two

first three volumes of Wish.

Tenchi the movie dvd

Vol 1&2 of Evangelion, dvd

CLAMP Wish: Vol 2, 3, 4, and.... 4.... I DON"T KNOW WHY but there are two fours.

(ALSO: Putting things on ebay.)
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More after the cut, I HATE posting big posts to this.

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Eye boogers )

No! Really!

Eye patch, culry grey hair the looke dlike it might have been greasy with, dare I say, saltpork? Probably not.

He had funny shoes too. Those sorta Othro ones. I looked at his feet bit to keep from saying "Arrrr, yes" to his questions. I wish I'd taken a pic with my cell phone, but there was this Siiiiign...

Anyway, even he said eye boogers were bad. I'm on steroids and eye drops and zyrtec and nose rise (to get the 'crap' out,  which Dr. McPirate assured me was a technical term)

SO, to sum up. Sick. Getting better. WAITING FOR THE WEEKEND OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA. And PIRATE DR. 

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 Let's do this in two parts.

ONE: This last weekend!

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Two: Random writing comments.

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 First, I did this to make posting easier cause I dislike posting to LJ. 

All smutty stuff will go here

Second, i did and survived THIS. I did the 25 mile bit. 

THIRD, I'm going to see Nezu fer the weekend. Yay!

Annnd, that's is all for now. 
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 It was a glorious week!

I could talk about the drabble, or the sea of pillows at the hotel (Nezu was patiently amused by my pathological need to throw myself onto the freshly made bed every night), or I could talk about the ongoing movie-thon (it seemed like everything we put in had been seen by at least three out of four veiwers so there was a lot of 'look at this part!' going on) or I could discuss the giant dogs, or the just genral ongoing glee...

But im gonna go with the food. FOr now. Cause I'm me.

.... Also, JB's yet to post the drabbles so I can only share ONE and that was a group drabble thing where we all had the same prompt so it'd be weird to post it early.


On the 31st, last wensday, I did a lot of shopping. And cooking. And packing things into JB's politely supplied tupperwares that I'd picked up two days after Chirstmas in a five minute drive by where I got a crick in my neck after thirtyseconds of attempted eyecontact with Dark's behomoth of a brother.   

Let's do a quick recap of who I was cooking for.

I can, and will.... And probably have... Eatten everything. At least tried it. 

JB's ovo-lacto veggie.

Dark hates nuts. But she isn't allergic to them. So I can cook with peanut oil as long as she dosen't have to taste nuts. Because she is that gay.

And Nezu...

Who will DIE if I think about Bell Peppers too hard. Or tomatoes. Or shellfish...

Oh, and Ashlan, who is very cool and didn't voice any preferences or allergies. That's not actually why she's cool, but for the sake of this dorky food post that's all you really ned to know.

Now, I'd gotten it into my head sometime in october that a violent fatal reaction to chile peppers was no reason for Nezu not to like Curry.

I do, in fact, not want her dead. I'd like to say that now. But I like Thai food and curries and things that involve long lists of spices.

So I made veggie Curry. Extra firm tofu (the consistancy of cheeder cheese, i swear. Did not crumble while frying) baby corn (half of which made it into the pan) seitan, shallots, onions, garlic (if I can't have my spicy I can have my garlicly) and coconut milk. 

Along with every spice you'd find in curry, minus red-pepper. So tumeric, cinnamin,  allspice, Gram marsala (with is basically a mix) cardamon, cumin, all added in gently settling clouds that had my mom sniffing around going 'Oh, what's that' and my little brother going 'we don't get any!'.

That was New Years Afternoon.

New Years Eve was spent making scotch eggs. Half with maple syrup sausage, and half with veggie sausage.

Dark's response too the concept of Veggie-Scotch Eggs was that there were a lot of dead scotchmen spinning in their graves.

"If they weren't a british Pub food i might belive that," was mor eor less my reponse.*
                  *all my witty repsonses are with 10% more wit to try to make up for the 'you had to be there' factor.

So, go there Thursday nightish. Met up with Nezu, we went to Denny's and sat at the magical table of I-Got-Cell-Signal-And-You-Don't.

I also had cleaned and prepped Kale, tofu soaking in spices, and a lot of lemons that I never got around to cooking because I suck.

Friday night was the Curry. This was after lunch at a Sizzler with Dark and Nezu while JB was at work.

Satuerday we ate the scotch eggs, and that night was the first round of cheese sauce and pototes. I used the last of my shallot and some og JB's little garlicly square things on that. 

Sunday I attempted to teach cheese-saucing to Dark. I have no idea if it took or not. Might have worked better if i did things like. you know. Measure anything. Ever. I also cooked kale, which I thought came out good. There were noodles involved. Then ice cream.

Monday i made bread pudding.

I'd been planning to make it since I spotted the loaf of bread sunday night but I'm occasioanlly hit with terminal laziness and she had a very small kitchen.
 But Monday found me in the kitchen with sugar and a little water in a pan, staring at it, willing it to be carmel and not, in fact, a great bloody mess, with a container of the last of the heavy cream in one hand.

In went the cream.

Carmel was acheived. Then in went more milk, so, really watery carmel was acheived. The milk was cold enough, that then in went the eggs.

THIS is what went into the bread in the pan. And maybe a quarter cup of bailies, tops, sprinkled on top of THAT before I baked it all.

This was, I felt, a really nice success. The pudding was very soft, but not soupy, you coudl smell the bailies, and the carmel. I need to remember how I did that. Most of this post is an excuse to write down how wellt he pudding came out.  

Oh, and on Monday the carnivores went out and ate chunks of cow, brigning back a well picked bone and some edge fat for the dogs.
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They're like crack popcorn. I can write them fast while I hammer away at teh epiczor crack.
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