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Title: On the Other Side of the Camera
Universe: Marvel. Same universe as Men in Suits (of Armor)
Pairing: Spiderman and Captain America
Rating: "FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY" -[ profile] itcomesinphases
POV: Peter Parker, of course!

On the Other Side of the Camera )
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Today, on my day off, I helped a friend do something she was doing for another friend.

I babysat.

There is sooo much wrong with me. On the plus side they were little, couldn't talk, didn't mind me and were easy to sling around. Also the friend owes me lunch now.

On an unrelated note, go see Sherlock Holmes. Just do it. Enjoyed the cutest damn couple ever. It's got me writing fic, dammit, and Sherlock makes a highly educated asshole of a muse. (see earlier post).

I've read all the original writings, it was a while ago but Im going to reread them. I have this very clear memory of being ridiculously pleased with myself because out of, oh, something like fiftyseven mysteries, I solved ONE myself. The very last one, with the deadman at the seaside.

It was also my first thousand page book.

I recommend the books and the movie.

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Title: Crackover, as of yet unnamed.
Universe: Dc/Naruto
Rating: Eventually Smutty smutty smut but right now? Barely an Internet-R
Pairing: Eventually Kiba & Tim Drake/Robin. Possibly anyone else I can work in.

Summary: One day, it rained shinobi. And the Justice League took notice. Hijinks ensue.

Chapter Three )


Apr. 18th, 2007 09:48 am
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    Tiny bit bored. Toss me some writing promts and I'll drabble.


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