Dec. 16th, 2009 01:37 pm
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I have made it without dying yet again. Go me.

That is all.

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Title: Crackover, as of yet unnamed.
Universe: Dc/Naruto
Rating: Eventually Smutty smutty smut but right now? Barely an Internet-R
Pairing: Eventually Kiba & Tim Drake/Robin. Possibly anyone else I can work in.

Summary: One day, it rained shinobi. And the Justice League took notice. Hijinks ensue.

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Happy New Year!

Wrote something for a fic exchange.

Wrote Drel a Drabble.

Saw Sweeny Todd again.

Bought bra's!

Three of those, and one very sexy/pretty one that I can't find on their site. THis makes me sad I wanna get the matching underwear.....


Happy new year!
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There is a stupid mem going around. About boys and girls.

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I shot well today.

only missed 8.

and, let's see..

Five stages, cowboy shooting so, five stages time, five rounds per gun, times two, there's fifty rounds thorugh my revolvers.

Then, let's see.
every stage had nine though the rifle... (one had eight and one had ten so. Nine.)

So, fourty five there.

ninety five .357.

And a crapload of shotgun...

Not that bad, really,
like 20
but it was my dads model 97 and it's about, two inches too long in the stock.
Not like you really _Aim_ that much with a shotgun...

didn't miss any shotgun targets
not even the hellua evil one, wher eyou shoot, and it throws a can in the air and you shoot the can in the air.

And I was shooting full rounds all day too, more kick cause their not dumbed down for speed. That friggen can went thirty feet. SATISFiYING.


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